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Site Rules
Started by ReEvadere

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30 Oct 2023
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06 Dec 2023

To keep a friendly environment and good atmosphere on the FarNetworks forums, we must maintain several rules that users should always follow while in use of this service.

All of the following rules are superseded by the general broad "common sense" rule. This means no posting things of sexual, discriminatory or racist content. To make things a bit more clear though, below are some more definitions.

Current Rules as of November 28th, 2023

  • Do not discuss the following topics:
    • Topics with sexual, discriminatory or racist content.
    • Mature content. Tasteful exposure is allowed, but nudity or pornography is not. As a general first rule, don't post anything you wouldn't like to see your grandparents wearing.
    • Piracy and other illegal online and offline content.
    • Cheats, hacks, hacked clients and modifications that give you in game advantages.
    • Real life religion(s)
  • Do not advertise competing servers
    • This also includes sending an IP or website link to other players through private conversations. Send them through non-FarNetworks related communications.
  • Do not bring up, discuss or promote political ideas, parties or people
    • FarNetworks should be free from political discourse. While it can be rewarding to have, a Gaming community is not the right place to promote political ideas or individuals. As such, any usage of political icons, as avatars, ideals, ideas, opening discussion or criticizing or praising political ideas, people, organizations or parties is not permitted.
  • Do not troll, insult, or flame against other users
    • You may argue with them politely, but when your comments become offensive, you are breaking the rule. As a rule of thumb, if your comment becomes about the other person, and not their idea, you have crossed the line.
  • Do not abuse bugs or glitches
    • If you find that there is a bug or glitch, please report it in the Bug Reports section of the forums. Do not report it in Help Central or another public area.
  • Do not swear excessively
    • Do not swear in a way that is offensive to another user, or attempt to bypass the language filter.
  • Do not post copyrighted material
    • This can only be done if you have express permission from the owner, and if it does not violate our or others' terms of service. Also, do not post copyrighted materials such as book or magazine scans.
  • Do not post private conversations from in-game or the forums
    • This can only be done if you have express permission from all others who were involved in the conversation, and if it does not contain any offensive content.
  • Do not conduct money games
    • This includes any form of gambling, either in real life or on any FarNetworks Server(s).
  • Do not resurrect or necro threads
    • You may only revive a thread if it still is relevant and doesn't contain offensive content.
  • Do not derail thread topics
    • Try to keep threads that are active on-topic; please do not start a whole new conversation and try to suddenly shift the focus of the thread.
  • Do not post spam or random threads/posts
    • All content should have a purpose.
  • Do not share your account
    • Ultimately, if somebody that you gave access to your account goes and breaks rules in your name, you will be punished for it.
  • Do not bump threads excessively
    • This includes bumping your own threads or the threads of others. Bumping is when you create a post without relevant content to give it attention. You should do this no more frequently than every 3 days.
  • Do not abuse the ratings system
    • This means that you should not use ratings to harass another user by spamming ratings on multiple posts of theirs.
  • Do not use the faces of other forum users
    • You should not do this unless you have explicit consent from the owner.
  • Do not start or intentionally spread rumors
    • Rumor threads and posts which are based off no actual solid information and are designed to either troll or annoy other users will be locked and removed.
  • Do not post threads in the incorrect sections
    • Threads that are posted in incorrect sections will either be moved to the correct section or deleted at the staff's discretion.
  • Do not tag people excessively
    • Only use tags when you need a staff member to look at a thread if it has been left ignored for 3 days and you need a staff opinion, or when you need a certain person to read your reply.
  • Do not backseat moderate
    • Don't ask for other people's threads or posts to be edited, locked, or removed. Only the owner may tag staff members and request of the action necessary.
  • Do not post "Goodbye" or "Leaving" threads
    • There is a very thin line between informing people of your departure, or simply crying for attention. If you truly want to say goodbye to people, use the forum PM feature for this, instead of publicizing it.
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