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FarNetworks Media Rules
Started by ReEvadere

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30 Oct 2023
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22 Apr 2024

The FarNetworks Media section exists so you can share or request graphics or other media concerning FarNetworks or Gaming in general. There are some rules you should observe to keep this section orderly and pleasant for everyone. Keep in mind these rules are specifically for this section. There are other rules to be found in the Rules category which count for the whole FarNetworks Forums.


Comprehensive list of rules as of December 4th, 2023:

  • You may share third party website portfolios here, for example Deviantart.
  • You may share YouTube links to your videos only here.
  • You may ask in-game items/currency for services like forum signatures or skins, but you are forbidden from asking any real life currency.
  • The media you are sharing or linking must have something to do with FarNetworks (or Minecraft, though these generally belong in the General section).
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