FarNetworks Shutting down, Unfortunately it's time to say goodbye. Thank you all for the years of fun. -The FarNetworks Team-

Server closure
Started by SilentRoses

After 3 years of operation FarNetworks will be closing for the foreseeable future. The server has not thrived like we'd hope it would of spending countless hours building the server up making it what it is and trying to cater to everyone we've not succeeded. We thank those that have been with us since day one and wish you all the best :heart: and a special thank you to all the staff members that have stuck with the server. On behalf of the staff team of FarNetworks thank you. And goodbye!
[3:56 PM]
If you would like to go onto the server and download your houses please use schematica. As we will not be offering a full map download due to the nature of the maps and custom generation involved each file would be far to big to give to each person. Thank you for your understanding
16 days ago